The Best Yoga Socks For Your Practice 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

Whether you're a vinyasa novice or an expert yogi, a pair of yoga socks is a yoga gear that can take your practice to the next level on the yoga mats. These lightweight, toeless socks are cut from breathable fabrics for a next-to-barefoot feel and gripping pads to prevent you from slipping. A good pair will provide arch support, improve traction, keep your feet warm, and keep your feet clean while you go barefoot around the studio.

Below, we've rounded up the best yoga socks on the athleticwear market today. While these grippy socks are great for a yoga class, they're also designed with Pilates, barre, and dance in mind too!

What are yoga socks?

Yoga socks are designed to provide a strong grip and ample arch support during yoga, Pilates, barre, or simply walking around on hardwood floors. They are the best solution for slip and slide on your mat during practice.

Plus, they're far more hygienic than going barefoot around the studio. Wearing yoga socks can help prevent the spread of bacteria and foot fungus for a safer practice.

Most yoga socks feature a lightweight, toeless design that mimics bare feet. They're fitted with non-slip pads on the balls of the feet, heels, and toes for a better grip through every pose. While some pairs just cover the balls of the feet, others cover the whole foot.

The best yoga socks are made from a breathable performance fabric that's supportive, sweat-wicking, and preferably machine-washable. Many styles have mesh ventilation panels for added comfort during sweaty hot yoga classes.

The Best Yoga Socks for Barre, Pilates, and Yoga

Arebesk Muse Grip Socks

Make the most of your daily practice with these versatile Arebesk Muse Grip Socks. Their patented grip design provides superior traction during yoga, Pilates, or barre class. The toeless design features a breathable mesh cut-out on the top for improved airflow and added style. Wide grips on the heel and toe ensure a secure fit through every pose. Choose from basic black or eye-catching light blue.

Toesox Low-Rise Grip Socks

Experienced yogis will undoubtedly agree that Toesox makes some of the best yoga socks on the market. Their best-selling socks— like these Low-Rise Grip Socks— are designed to move with you for a barefoot feel with added support and superior grip. A fitted heel and raised heel tab prevents bunching, twisting, and slippage while padding your Achilles tendon. Plus, a slightly compressive arch band provides gentle pressure to lift and support flat feet through every pose.

Gaiam Grippy Studio Wrap Socks

Looking for something with a little more structure? Try these Gaiam Grippy Studio Wrap Socks. Their supportive, shoe-like design is a step-up from basic yoga socks, making them an excellent choice for barre, Pilates, or dance.

The open-toe design of these Gaiam socks features crossover straps for a secure fit and a touch of added style. Durable rubber grips on the bottom prevent slippage on any surface, whether it's your yoga mat or the hardwood floor of the pointe studio.

Lululemon Find Your Balance Studio Tab Socks

Take your yoga practice to a new level with Lululemon's Find Your Balance Studio Tab Socks. Their ErgoToes foot-specific design was thoughtfully designed to provide optimal support, comfort, and slip-prevention.

The men's socks are fitted with non-slip grips on high-pressure areas for total confidence during balance poses. Breathable mesh ventilation panels on the top of the foot while a compressive band provides 360-degree arch support. Plus, they've got interior heel grips to keep them from slipping down during your practice. Yogis can choose from basic black or heathered graphite grey. Be sure to check out their no-show grip sock. Lululemon also has ankle socks available!

Toesox Releve Half-Toe Yoga Socks

For a truly next-to-barefoot feel, try these Releve Half-Toe Yoga Socks from Toesox. The simple, ballet-inspired dance pads offer a little extra traction throughout your practice without twisting, bunching, or sliding down while you plie, plank, and releve.

Their open-top, five-toe design allows your toes to move freely, while a leather pad on the ball of the foot adds just the right amount of traction and padding. The lightweight cotton-blend fabric comes in your choice of nude, black, and light grey with lime green trim.

Alo Yoga Women's Pulse Barre Socks

Looking for a pair of barre socks with a bit more coverage? The athleticwear experts at Alo Yoga have just the pair!

Alo Yoga's Women's Pulse Barre Socks are cut in a comfortable crew sock silhouette with non-slip silicone grips, cushioned soles, and super breathable fabric. Sheer mesh trim along the ankles adds a bit of style without compromising one bit of performance. Studio-goers have three color options to choose from: black, white, and dove heather grey.

Base 33 Unisex Crew Yoga Socks

If you're tired of your feet getting cold during your practice, it's time to get a grip with Base 33's Unisex Crew Yoga Socks. The versatile crew socks can be worn to the gym, the studio, or just around the house on a chilly day. They're fitted with a compressive arch band and silicone grips for improved stability. While the cotton-blend performance material will keep you nice and warm during cold-weather practices, it still wicks sweat and cools quickly, thanks to vented panels along the tops and sides. Base 33 offers the best-selling yoga socks in four color options: black, grey, charcoal, and navy.

Toesox Organic Elle Grip Half-Toe Socks

Bring balance to your practice with Toesox's Organic Elle Grip Half-Toe Socks. They're made from eco-friendly organic cotton that's lightweight, breathable, and unbelievably comfortable. A low-profile, half-toe design lets you move through every pose with ease, while the patented non-slip sole prevents slips and provides peace of mind. The strappy, open-top brings a stylish, ballet-inspired feel that's perfect for barre class too. They're the perfect addition to any eco-friendly yogi's gym bag.

Tavi Noir Savvy Grip Yoga Socks

Elevate your next flow with these Savvy Grip Yoga Socks from Tavi Noir. The cozy ankle socks are made from soft organic cotton with an arch band for added support and a secure fit. A heel tab prevents slippage while reducing strain on your Achilles tendon during certain poses. You can breathe easily knowing their durable grips are entirely BPA-free. The versatile yoga socks are available in both light grey and black. Might we suggest adding one of each to your workout wardrobe this fall?

Tavi Noir Low-Rise Grip Socks for Kids

Prevent slips and keep your little one's feet clean during yoga, dance class, or playtime with a two-pack of these Low-Rise Grip Socks from Tavi Noir. The low-rise athletic socks are made with arch band support and non-slip grips on the sole for added support, security, and comfort. Lightweight organic cotton blend fabric is breathable, odor-resistant, and machine washable for easy care. The kids' yoga socks come in an array of fun Disney-inspired designs, including Toy Story, Frozen, Mickey, Minnie, and more!

Gaiam No-Slip Yoga Socks

Get a grip with these Gaiam No-Slip Yoga Socks! Though created specifically with yoga and Pilates in mind, they're designed to work on and off the mat for all sorts of workouts and activities. The ankle sock silhouette makes them easy to slip on with slides or sneakers for a coffee run after class.

The versatile grip socks feature a five-toe design with slip-resistant pads for better balance and stability. Lightweight, breathable cotton-blend fabric provides ample ventilation to prevent foot odors while protecting your feet from foot fungus and bacteria on the studio floor.

Toesox Botanical Dyed Half-Toe Grip Socks

Channel your inner ballerina in these Botanical Dyed Half-Toe Grip Socks from Toesox. The stylish yoga socks boast a half-toe design, secure silicone grips, and a feminine floral pattern. A supportive arch band provides gentle compression for added lift during barefoot workouts. Their fitted heel and low-profile design prevents bunching, twisting, and slipping during your flow.

Plus, these cute Toesox yoga socks are made using eco-friendly botanical dyes and organic cotton, making them the perfect choice for eco-conscious yogis. Choose from minimalist cream or feminine pink color options.

Toesox Bellarina Full-Toe Yoga Grip Socks

Not a fan of open-toe socks? Try these Toesox Bellarina Full-Toe Yoga Grip Socks instead. Their closed, full-toe design offers all the comfort and support of toeless yoga socks with a bit more coverage. You can still spread your toes through a full range of motion for better balance and support through every pose, thanks to patented non-slip grips along the bottom. A fitted heel prevents slippage, while a raised heel tab and arch support prevent foot and ankle pain. The open-top silhouette and lightweight performance fabric keep your feet cool and dry during your practice.

Bombas Men's Grippers Ankle Socks 4-Pack

Stay grounded in these Men's Grippers Ankle Socks from Bombas. While the versatile workout socks are ideal for the yoga studio, they also work great at the gym and on your hardwood floor at home. Bombas' honeycomb arch support system, cushioned footbed, and superior-quality cotton provide optimal comfort and support. Sturdy grips along the bottom keep you from slipping— even once you're nice and sweaty.

Each pack contains four pairs of ankle socks in your choice of all-black, grey, or colorful marled stripes. And the best part is that for every pair purchased, Bombas donates one pair of socks to a homeless shelter.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Socks?


The best yoga socks fit your feet like gloves, so you don't slip or slide on your yoga mat.


The best yoga socks should be made out of material that allows many trips through the washing machine. The higher the quality, the more expensive it is. The cheaper ones, the grip can peel off after a few washes. If you are unsure how to care for your socks, look up the care instructions. Otherwise, you can machine wash and air dry.


There are two types of design, with and without toes. The ones without toe socks fit tighter than full coverage, and it will give you an even more fit feel. This means it will give you a better grip.

Yoga sock/ grip sock FAQ

Are yoga socks worth it?

One thing that can improve your yoga practice is to wear yoga socks. They will provide you with an extra grip on the mat while keeping your feet warm and clean during your practice.

What is the purpose of yoga socks?

Yoga socks will provide you with extra grip on the mat, wick away sweat, keep your feet warm on colder days, and have good hygiene.

If you are a regular yogi, you know a downward dog can get a little slippery. With a good pair of yoga socks, you can now nail the pose.

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