20+ Gorgeous Fall Nail Ideas 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

Fall is the best time of the year to add a warm tone to your wardrobe. From oversize sweaters to white boots, you need the perfect nail to complete your look.

To give you some ideas, we have rounded up some of our favorite fall nail art ideas. Perfect for fall dates, holidays, or just getting into the fall spirit.

What are the best fall nail colors?

Dusty Rose

While bright pinks are perfect for the summer, dusty pink is specular for the nail. If you are a pink shade lover, try dusty rose this Fall. It is in the same color family, and it may just turn into one of your favorite fall nail colors.


Nude is a perfect perennial shade to wear and especially for this fall season.

Merlot Red

Unlike red, merlot red has a hint of plum in this rich red and offers a warm to a classic tone.

Pumpkin Spice

Celebrate the season with more pumpkin spice into your life, and that includes your nails! Try a rusty orange to spice up your pumpkin manicure.

Cloudy Grey

The perfect shade to express your mood on these cloudy days.

Bright Mustards

What could be a better way to capture the vibrancy of the yellow fall foliage than bright mustard yellow to keep things fresh and exciting.

Here Are Cute Fall Nail Designs And Ideas

Best Fall Nail Art Designs For Everyday Wear

Just Fall Color

Just Fall Color

Fall is all about warm color, and there is more color you can choose from besides orange or red. Shades like rich merlot, nude, toasty brown, marigold yellow are great color options.

And you can never go wrong with simple fall nail polish color without any nail art or adding other colors.

Creative Design

Creative Design

If you are not a crazy nail design gal, you must check out this simple yet creative nail art. Featuring solid colors and simple art. It is simple and sophisticated.

Try Accents

fall nails accent

Yellow is a great nail color that transitions you into darker and warmer nail polish colors. Instead of going all plain, add sparkle or metallic accents to your fall nail design.

Multi-Color Swirl

Multi-Color Swirl

Create a colorful swirl and fill it with fall colors. It is both stylish and beautiful.

Golden Touch

Golden Touch

One of the most incredible things about Fall is the gorgeous vibrant colors it offers. Capture this moment through your nail art and add a touch of gold to your fall nail design.

This nail design is available in nail strip wraps.

Golden Tips

Golden Tips

Add a golden touch to your nail tips this Fall. 

Love this design? You can get this design as press on nails.


Plaid fall nail

Fall is all about plaid, and you shouldn't shy away from it when it comes to fall nail art. Pick your favorite fall color and apply plaid to it.

Love this buffalo plaid? Get this nail wrap design now. 

Long Tips

Long Tips

Put a twist to your french manicure and feature fall colors instead. The stylish french tip is perfect for both short nails and long nails. 

Like this style? You can get this design as press on. 

Fall Color French Tips

Fall Color French Tips

Clean and beautiful fall color french tips are the perfect fall nail art design.

Like the design? You can get it as press on


Mismatch fall nail

Mismatch nail art and even texture may just be the best fall nail ideas. With color contrast, some shimmering, and design, you got yourself something more interesting than a class mani.

Like this design? Get them in nail wraps

Simple Swirls

Simple Swirls

Swirl a touch of fall color. It's simple and artsy that making your fall nail design more fun and interesting than classic.

Like this color combo? You can get this set as press on. 

All About Fall

All About Fall

Celebrate the fall season with all things fall. From gorgeous autumn leaves to turkey to pumpkin, feature your favorite thing about Fall: turkey, leaves, and pumpkin.

Love the design? The good news it is you can get them as water decals! All you have to do is dunk it in water and place it on. 

Gorgeous Leaves

Gorgeous Leaves

While there is nothing wrong with simple and plain color, making one nail different from the rest is always more fun. In Fall, there is no better design than dedicating it to the gorgeous fall leaves.

If you love this nail design, the good news is you can get them pressed on so you can celebrate the season with the perfect fall nail design.

Chunky Knit

Chunky Knit

We all love the chunky sweater and blanket in the Fall. So, why not reflect it on your fall manicure? If you love sweater weather, then this nail design is a must-have. The good news is you can get this exact one as press on.

Autumn Tree Falling Birds And Leaves

Autumn Tree falling Birds and Leaves_

Capture the beauty of Fall with an autumn tree falling bird, and gorgeous color leaves.

The design is available as nail wrap! All you need to do is drunk it in water and stick it on. 

Matte Nails

Matte Nails

Cute matte fall nails feature matte olive and tan nails with sparkles and a hand-drawn pumpkin perfect for Fall!

Available as press on!

Best Fall Nail Designs For Halloween

Spooky Halloween

Spooky Halloween

This cute spooky Halloween design is the perfect nail art to celebrate the holiday season. Featuring a spooky spider web and spiders for s spooky vibe.

Dark Galaxy

Dark galaxy

Dark and mysterious. Featuring orange, black, yellow, and a splash of pink. Not to mention, these are glitter nails that are fun and eye-catching.

Available as press on.

Best Fall Nail Art For Thanksgiving

Turkey Art

Turkey art

The perfect fall nail art design to celebrate Thanksgiving this year as it features Turkey and fall colors.

You can get this nail art design in strips so you can DIY it at home.

All About Turkey

All About Turkey

Celebrate Fall with this mix and match turkeys. It is fun, and it is festive. It will guarantee to spark a conversation at the dining table.

You can get these turkey stickers and DIY them yourself at home.

Mismatch Thanksgiving Nails

Mismatch Thanksgiving Nails

Cute and stylish mismatch Thanksgiving nails featuring fall colors and designs.

Available as matte acrylic gel press on nails!

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