The Ultimate Guide To Trimming Your Neckbeard 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

If you've spent the past year hiding an unruly beard beneath your PPE, it's time to get your beard back in shape before you ditch your mask and head back to the office. Not only is caring for your beard the perfect opportunity to enjoy a little me time, but it can also help you create a definition and shape that enhances your jaw and chin while slimming your face and neckline.

If you're in that awkward in-between phase of beard growth where you've got more beard hairs on your neck than on your face, there's no need to ditch the shape entirely. But with sharp edges and proper grooming products, you can avoid the usual neckbeard stereotype. In this facial hair guide, we'll break down everything you need to know to trim and style your neck beard successfully.

Before we dive in, let's take a look at where facial hair grows.

5 Different areas where facial hair grows

  • Mustache- the hair above the upper lip.
  • Soul patch, flavor savor, or jazz dot- a strip of hair below the bottom lip.
  • Goatee- the hair on the front of the chin, above one's jawline, can expand to the cheeks.
  • Sideburn or mutton-chops- the hair on the cheeks.
  • The neck- hair below the jawline.

What is a neckbeard?

When it comes to men's facial hair styles, the word neckbeard is pretty self-explanatory. Whether it's done intentionally or purely by genetics, a neckbeard is created by shaving the hair above the chin jawline to create a beard only on the neck. While neckbeards used to be considered quite dated, they've experienced a reassurance in popularity 0ver the past two decades thanks to famous faces like Andrew Luck, Jonah Hill, Leonardo Dicaprio, Shia Labeouf, and a whole host of other scruffy celebrities and pro athletes.

Because of its unkempt, scraggly appearance and unflattering shape, the neckbeard is considered by many to be a facial hair faux pas. In recent years, "neckbeard cringe" Internet memes have been deemed the most unattractive beard style a man could possibly have. Calling someone the slang term 'neckbeard' means associating them with undesirable personality traits like being social ineptitude, a love of video games, and having misogynistic views. And for many, it's simply evidence of poor grooming habits.

Where does a neck beard start?

A neckbeard is any part of the beard that grows below the chin and jaw. While some men prefer to sport just a neck beard, others prefer to enhance their mustache and cheek lines with some neckbeard scruff. For the most flattering shape, your neckbeard should end two fingers above your Adam's apple. Depending on the patchiness of your facial hair and the shape of your face and neck, some people may find they need to trim it slightly longer or shorter for the most flattering end result.

How to trim a neckbeard:

Whether it's your permanent beard style, consider growing one, or just a phase in your beard growth journey, the key to rocking a neck beard is to keep it well-groomed and neatly shaped. By keeping your edges tight, trimming your beard hairs regularly, and using the right beard products, you can look less like an Internet meme and more like a well-groomed hipster.

Trimming Your Neckbeard Line

Trimming the hairs along your neckbeards line helps create shape and define your neckline, making your neck look slimmer and your bone structure more defined. Here are a few tips on how to trim your beard neckline:

  • Start by adjusting the clipper's two settings below your usual beard length.
  • Locate the right neckline by placing two fingers above your Adam's apple.
  • Trim all of the hairs up to that line, buzzing off any strays between your chest and neck.
  • Using a fine-tooth comb and a pair of scissors, trim the hairs underneath your jaw to create a uniform shape and length.

Fading Your Neckbeards Line

Additionally, men can also fade the hair along their beard line to create a gradient instead of a harsh line. While you can fade your neckbeard at home using the following steps, you can always ask your barber to help give you a trim:

  • Adjust the clippers one setting shorter than your usual beard length.
  • Locate the same spot two fingers up from your Adam's apple and trim to that line.
  • Now, adjust the clippers to two settings below your usual beard length. Using the shorter length, rim halfway up to the line to create the fade.
  • Using a fine-tooth comb and a pair of scissors, sculpt the hairs underneath your jaw to a uniform length to keep your beard from looking scraggly.
  • Finish up by buzzing away any strays between your chest and neck.

How To Care for Your Neckbeard

As with all beard care, the key to creating a great neckbeard is proper skincare. While it's important to care for the hair itself, it's equally important to care for the skin underneath. Keep it hydrated with beard oil and wash your beard regularly to prevent build-up, leading to irritation and ingrown hairs.

Kiehl's Grooming Solutions Nourishing Beard Oil 

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Give your beard the moisture it needs with Kiehl's Grooming Solutions Nourishing Beard Oil. It contains exfoliating actives that prevent "beardruff" and relieve irritation alongside Amazonian Pracaxi oil and a unique blend of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and bitter orange that boost hair and skin hydration. Apply a small amount between cleansing and styling or anytime throughout the day when your neckbeard needs a refresh.

Jack Black Beard Wash

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Unlike face wash or shampoo, Jack Black's Beard Wash is designed especially with neckbeards in mind. It features beard-friendly ingredients like jojoba protein and panthenol to condition your beard and aloe vera to soothe sensitive skin and reduce itchiness and dryness. With daily use, it'll keep your beard feeling fresh, clean, and easy to manage.

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