Upgrade Your Prescription With These 15 Unique Round Glasses 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

Round glasses have long been a fashion staple. Worn by everyone from John Lennon to Harry Potter, they make a bold statement and add a stylish finishing touch to any look.

There are two things you'll want to factor in when shopping for a new pair of round glasses: lens size and frame weight. Rimless glasses and thin wire frames— like the ones made famous by Indiana Jones— feel smart and sophisticated. Thick acrylic frames and oversized circular lenses create a funky, retro feel.

To help you to narrow down your search and find the best round glasses for your face shape, we've included a bit of everything below.

What Are Round Glasses?

Round glasses have been around for centuries but didn't get popular until the 21st century by Harry Potter. Today, round glasses are popular again among bohemian and carefree individuals.

Will Round frame shape glasses Suit For My Face Shape?

With many frame shapes available, it may be hard to know which one suits you the best. Round frame shaped glasses or sunglasses typically look best on people with prominent angular features. Their curved lines balance out square, diamond, and heart face shapes. But with the right proportions, round glasses can work on any face shape. You may need to try on a few sets of round frames and styles to find the perfect pair.

Upgrade your prescription with these 15 stylish round frame glasses for women and men

Ray-Ban Round-Frame Gold-Tone Optical Glasses

The search is over. You can never go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban glasses! These Round-Frame Gold-Tone Optical Glasses look great on every face shape. Fitted with contour nose pads and tortoiseshell tips, the lightweight metal frames sit comfortably across your nose and ears. They come complete with a hard leather case to keep them protected in your nightstand drawer or carry-on bag.

Eye Buy Direct Disco Glasses

Searching for a pair of statement glasses? Eye Buy Direct's Disco Glasses will have all eyes on you! The funky acetate frames— available in clear or turquoise blue— are filled with shimmering gold foil flecks that make any outfit pop. An anti-scratch lens coating keeps the circular lenses looking their best through daily wear.

Celine Eyewear Round-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses

Everyday glasses don't need to be boring. Take it from these Round-Frame Acetate Optical Glasse from Celine Eyewear. Their sleek silhouette and simple black finish are versatile enough to wear with anything and everything. Delicate gold-toned branding and Celine's signature three dots create an elevated feel. They're timeless, chic, and a touch quirky too. Since these frames are a bit heavier than other thin metal frames, they work particularly well on large faces.

Thom Browne Eyewear Round Frame Glasses

These Round Frame Glasses channel the playful, quirky aesthetic Thom Browne is known for. The navy acetate and silver metal frames feature round lenses, straight arms, and angled tips. Adjustable nose pads and a lightweight design ensure all-day comfort on every nose shape. The versatile round glasses are also available with black and grey acetate. Needless to say, they're well worth the splurge.

Gentle Monster Alio C1 Round Glasses

Take your eyewear collection to the next level with these Alio C1 Round Glasses from Gentle Monster. Crafted from gold-tone metal and clear acetate, they're a stylish addition to any outfit. Straight arms and cushioned nose pads provide a sturdy, comfortable fit. Their simple design and flattering curves make them the ideal choice for your first pair of round glasses.

Cartier Eyewear Round Frame Glasses

These Round Frame Glasse from Cartier Eyewear are the pinnacle of style and sophistication. The slim gold-toned metal frame features straight arms and curved tips for a classic look. Rimless round lenses allow your beauty and bone structure to shine, and they're the perfect eyeglasses for everyday wear.

Fendi Eyewear Ribbons & Pearls Round Glasses

How adorable are these Ribbons and Pearls Round Glasses from Fendi Eyewear? No matter what you're wearing, they'll make you look chic! The black acetate glasses feature round frames, straight arms, and curved tips. Pearl embellishments add a feminine finishing touch that's impossible not to love.

Kuboraum Hammered Arm Round Glasses

Kuboraum's Hammered Arm Round Glasses draw inspiration from the small, frameless round glasses worn by music icons like John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. The gold-toned metal arms boast a hammered texture that brings dimension and interest. Their fun play on proportions works best on angular face shapes.

Saint Laurent Round Glasses

For an understated look, try these Saint Laurent Round Glasses. The round frames pair silver-tone metal with tortoiseshell-tipped arms. Unlike perfectly circular lenses, their rounded shape flatters ovular and round faces too. The versatile frames come ready to be fitted with prescription, blue-light, or UV-protective lenses.

Chloe Eyewear Carlina Pearl Round-Frame Glasses

How chic are these Carlina Pearl Round-Frame Glasses from Chloe Eyewear? The rounded glasses feature a rose gold-toned metal frame adorned with faux pearls and a logo engraving. Their unique circular silhouette looks flattering on a wide range of face shapes. Curved tips and nose pads ensure they're comfortable enough for all-day, everyday wear.

Kuboraum P1 Round Acetate Glasses

These P1 Round Acetate Glasses from Kuboraum find the perfect balance between retro and contemporary. The thick, tubular frames are set with curved arms, contoured nose pads, and circular, prescription-compatible lenses. Crafted from transparent, yellow-brown acetate, they're surprisingly lightweight and comfortable.

Eye Buy Direct Chillax Eyeglasses

You don't need to break the bank to find a great pair of round glasses. Eye Buy Direct's Chillax Eyeglasses offer an affordable way to get the look. The durable translucent acetate comes in eight color options ranging from clear to tortoiseshell, black, lavender, and light pink. At just $19, why not grab them in more than one color?

Krewe Hurst Round Glasses

Looking for a pair of round frame glasses that really make a statement? Say hello to these Hurst Round Glasse from Krewe. The thick acetate frames feature an ultra-round shape that's playful, artsy, and eclectic. Fearless fashionistas can choose between five colorful patterns. They're prescription-ready and shipped in a premium hard case complete with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


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Moschino MOS502

When it comes to style, you can go wrong with tortoise design. The classic tortoise glasses color is a rich brown and golden pattern that's classy and stylish. And this Moschino MOS502 is worth checking out. Crafted from premium acetate and plastic, it features a rich hue for style wire-core arms for comfort. 


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Givenchy GV0050

The Givenchy GV0050 is a stylish round frame with a charming twist of vintage. Crafted from premium acetate and plastic, it features a keyhole bridge, sleek metal arms, and sculpted nose pads for a comfortable fit.

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