30+ Types Of Jeans: How To Find Your Perfect Jeans 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

Jeans may be the most widely used and celebrated articles of clothing, and they serve as a foundation for our everyday looks. Yet, finding the perfect jeans can feel overwhelming. With seemingly infinite variables in design and body types, women and men often don't know where to begin. The hunt for the ideal pair of denim can be broken down into key components that will ensure a smooth and successful result. 

Keep Your Eyes On The Rise

The rise of jeans–typically high-rise, mid-rise, or low-rise–determines where and how the jeans rest on your waist. Ideally, the rise of the jeans will compliment your figure by way of comfort and look.


Low-rise jeans

Source: Nordstrom

Low-rise jeans sit two or three inches below the navel, hugging the hips rather than the natural waistline. Low-cut jeans will create the illusion of a longer waist and shorter legs for those who have a short torso and seek a more evenly balanced look. This rise has a more casual feel and is perfect for those who want to show off their hips and/or a little skin (i.e. paired with a cropped top for a flirty summer style).


Mid-rise jeans

Source: Revolve

Across the board, this is the most common rise. Mid-rise jeans sit just below the navel and comfortably contain the hips for most figures. These jeans can range from very casual to slightly dressy and can be paired with a variety of top lengths, making them one of the most versatile denim choices.


High-rise jeans

Source: Macys

Sitting at the natural waist, around your belly button. High-waist jeans are ideal for curvy and hourglass frames, and the high cut is especially flattering to those with a smaller waist. This rise is ideal for smoothing and tucking the tummy as well as elongating the legs. 

Find Your Fit

Depending on your body type, different fits can look very different on you.

Regular Fit Jeans

Regular-fit jeans

Source: Nordstrom

Regular-fit jeans are neither too baggy nor loose, allowing a normal range of movement. The regular fit is a versatile fit that is perfect for the average man and woman.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed-fit jeans men

Source: Macys

Relaxed-fit jeans women

Source: Macys

Relaxed-fit jeans are roomy without being overly loose. With space in the waist, seat, and leg, these jeans are excellent for movement. For men, relaxed-fit jeans provide adequate space in the crotch, thighs, and legs.

Relaxed jeans can work on a variety of body types, though those with a slender frame should be mindful of not being swallowed by the denim–appearing too sloppy or baggy. 

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim-fit jeans

Source: Revolve

Slim-fit jeans are the happy medium between skinny and straight-leg jeans. They're not quite as form-fitting as skinnies, yet they create a chic look with a comfortable feel. Slim fit is another style that works for all body types. 

Cargo fit

Cargo fit jeans women

Source: Revolve

Cargo jeans men

Source: Nordstrom

Cargo jeans (also known as combat pants) are loosely cut-fitting pants with many large utility pockets. Initially designed for military workers to work in rough environments and outdoor activities.

The loose-fit design adds weight to your bottom half. Therefore, it's a recommended style to inverted triangles or hourglass body shapes.

Straight-leg fit

Straight-leg fit jeans

Source: Macys

Straight jeans are classic and timeless. They offer a clean, straight-leg line with a structured yet comfortable fit. This is another style that can be worn for casual and dressy occasions alike. This style is often a winner for every body type.

Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans

Source: Revolve

This type of jeans is stretchier than your average 100% cotton denim pants as it contains elastane or spandex. Stretch jeans can be very comfortable and easy to dress up or down for any occasion.

These fit jeans are perfect for square and athletic body shapes.

Loose Fit

Loose-fit jeans men

Source: Nordstrom

Loose-fit jeans women

Source: Nordstrom

This type of fit is highly associated with hip pop culture and is timeless. The loose-fit jeans have a snug and comfortable fit around the waist and run loose thigh down.

Trouser Fit

Trouser fit jeans women

Source: Revolve

Trouser fit jeans men

Source: Nordstrom

There is something about trouser fit that can give any outfit a polished look and can come in handy during casual occasions. Trouser fit has a loose fit and straight-cut legs, making it perfect for pretty much all body shapes.

Different Types Of Jeans Based On Leg Shape And Width

Jean styles, sometimes referred to as "the fit" or "the cut," can serve as an excellent form of self-expression while also flattering one's frame.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans

Source: Revolve

Boyfriend jeans are a bit loose and straight through the legs with a fitted waistline, and their slightly slouchy style adds volume to the lower body. These jeans work well for most figures and are especially flattering to inverted triangle and rectangle body types. They're easy to dress up or down.

Girlfriend Jeans

Girlfriend jeans

Source: Macys

Girlfriend jeans are the feminine version of boyfriend jeans. They are cut to sit higher on the hips and have a slim, straight-leg fit. It will emulate the boyfriend style while hugging your curve and showing off your curve.

Girlfriend jeans are great for petite and apple-body-shaped women.

Boot cut 

Bootcut jeans

Source: Net-A-Porter

Bootcut jeans are easy to pair with any shoe–needless to say, they easily fit over a boot. Designed with a close fit at the waist and through the thigh while gradually opening from the knee down. Bootcut jeans will be quite flattering to pear and hourglass shapes.


Flared jeans

Source: Nordstrom

Flared jeans are similar to bootcut in that they have a more fitted waist and begin to open below the knee. The flare is longer and wider than that of the bootcut style and can range greatly–with gigantic bells adding a touch of drama.

These jeans add volume to the lower body and are particularly effective at balancing the curves of pear and hourglass figures. 

Wide leg jeans

Wide-leg jeans

Source: Net-A-Porter

There is something about wide leg jeans that allow you to look cool and effortless chic. Also known as baggy jeans, they are super comfortable and combine a relaxed, comfortable fit with a stylish, functional twist.

Wide-leg jeans and flared jeans are often confused as both styles have a wide-leg opening, and are wider than traditional straight-cut jeans. True wide-leg jeans are fitted at the hip and waist but looser through the thigh and widen all the way down. The exaggerated legs frame your figure, add dimension, and look great on every body type.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans

Source: Macys

Skinny jeans (also known as tight jeans) have the slimmest, most fitted style from the waist through the ankle. Usually made of stretch denim, these jeans are often made with a great deal of stretch, making them comfortable and sleek for all body types. Cigarette jeans

This style of jeans is very similar to skinny jeans. While skinny jeans follow the line of the leg and have a snug fit from hip to ankle, cigarette jeans are cut straight from knee to ankle. Cigarette jeans are super flattering and are suitable for many body shapes.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans women

Source: Nordstrom

Straight leg jeans men

Source: Nordstrom

Straight-fit jeans are very similar to slim jeans, which contour your body shape, but rather than hugging your calves, they continue down to your ankle in a straight line. Straight-leg jeans are great for all body types, particularly for hourglass, apple, and athletic body shapes.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans

Source: Macys

Mom jeans are retro-style jeans that are a favorite among moms in the 80s and 90s. The comfortable and casual design is a style that is here to stay. They are very similar to boyfriend jeans but tend to sit high at the waist and with a cut-off above the ankle. It's loose around the hip, slightly tightened at the thighs, and more tapered legs, so it doesn't look baggy.

Best for women with pear-shaped, rectangular, and hourglass body-shaped women. An ideal jean style for hiding belly fat and love handles.

Tapered jeans

Tapered Jeans

Source: Revolve

Tapered Jeans men

Source: Macys

The tapered jeans style has a very narrow hem with the width at the ankle a lot less wide than the knee. Although they are very similar to slim-fit jeans, slim-fit offers a slimmer fit and is not as fitted as tapered.

And because tapered jeans have wider legs, they are great for hourglass figures but also work for rectangular and pear body shapes.

Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottom jeans

Source: Revolve

You can add vintage charm to your everyday wardrobe with bell-bottom jeans. They are very similar to flared jeans, bell bottoms are wider from the knees downward and form a bell-like shaped tapered leg. The main difference between the two is the shape of the leg.

This jean style is best for pear-shaped body types and curvy shapes.

Carpenter jeans

Carpenter jeans

Source: Net-A-Porter

Carpenter jeans are very similar to cargo pants. Unlike cargo pants that only have extra pockets, carpenter jeans feature loops on the side for hanging tools.

Stovepipe Jeans

Stovepipe jeans

Source: Revolve

Stovepipe Jeans are a hybrid of skinny and straight-leg jeans. Like skinny jeans, they fit tightly to the knee and then fall straight to the ankle like straight-leg jeans.

This type of jeans works best for inverted triangles as they hit the lower hips, which will add weight there to balance the strong shoulder.

Find Your Length

Cuffed Jeans

Cuffed jeans

Source: Free People

You can make a statement to your outfit with cuffed jeans which are typically seen on straight-leg and skinny jeans. Cuffed jeans have rolled-up cuffs at the hem of the jeans and go with both boots and heels.

Skimmer Jeans

Skimmer jeans

Source: Nordstrom

Skimmer jeans are jeans that just "skim" around the knee and ankle. They are perfect for showing off your strappy sandals and sneakers.

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans

Source: Revolve

Cropped jeans usually end between midcalf to just above the ankle. Cropped jeans are super versatile, as they work well with heels, boots, and trainers. You can typically find cropped jeans in straight-leg, wide-leg, and bootcut jeans styles.

Ankle Length Jeans

Ankle-length jeans

Source: Macys

Ankle-length jeans are the perfect option if you don't want to show too much legs. Their hem usually lands anywhere between two to three inches above the ankle. Versatile enough to be dressed up for a more polished look while also having a casual vibe.

Capri Jeans

Capri jeans

Source: Macys

The hem of this cut sits in the middle of the border area of the calves. Unlike cropped and ankle-length jeans, capri jeans are shorter, and this cut is often ideal for a taller individual. If you are short, wearing capris can make you seem even shorter.


Gaucho jeans

Source: Net-A-Porter

Gaucho can surely make a fashion statement wherever you go. Also, have a hem that ends at mid-calf. However, gauchos have a looser style with wide legs. This style was quite popular in the '70s but has made a comeback.

Nail the Wash

Denim wash refers to the finish of the fabric and determines the hue as well as possible markings. Different methods of washing during manufacturing will produce different results. 

Dark Wash

Dark wash

Source: Pexels

Dark wash jeans such as deep, dark blue, and black will flatter every figure. They are versatile and work especially well for dressier outfits and occasions. Laundering these jeans at home will require attention to the care label so it does not fade. 

Light to Medium Wash

Light wash denim

Source: Unsplash

Light to medium-wash jeans have been washed more than dark denim and offer a more casual aesthetic. While medium-wash jeans pair beautifully with a variety of seasonal tops, a light wash is especially appropriate for warm and sunny days. 

Colored Denim

Colored denim

Source: Flickr

Jeans come in every color of the rainbow. Colored denim is a tool of self-expression and an easy way to elevate a look. Selecting different hues and vibrancy are also a nice way to celebrate each season.  


Distressed jeans

Source: Unsplash

Distressed jeans are meant to show some age and wear, and they appear lived-in and can have markings, fading, rips, and tears. These are a nice choice for those who wish to add a comfortable, casual edge to their style.

Jeans are part of our everyday lives–with us throughout the journey. Rise, style, and wash all play an important role in comfort, functionality, occasion, and expression. Use these guidelines to find the perfect pair of jeans. 

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans

Source: Pixabay

Ripped jeans are another popular worn-in pair of jeans that are favored by many. It shows some age and wear, but unlike distressed jeans, it has obvious holes and tears around the knee area.

Acid Wash

Acid-washed jeans

Source: Nordstrom

Acid-washed jeans have white and lighter patches that contrast with darker color denim. These patches are achieved by using chlorine, not acid. Acid wash jeans have a naturally aged and worn appearance and are perfect for anyone who prefers this look.

Whisker Washed Jeans

Whisker washed jeans

Source: Unsplash

Denim jeans with thin faint vertical lines on the front pocket area are called whisker-washed jeans. These whiskers, mustaches, or hige can give the jeans a natural-looking vintage look.

Whisker-washed jeans are super flattering for women with straight hips.

Vintage Wash

Vintage wash jeans

Source: Macys

If you love the dirty jean look, you may consider vintage wash jeans. They appear to have a layer of dust accumulated over them for years but are not overly distressed.

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