21 Designer Crystal Necklace Styles For Everyday Wear 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

For centuries, people have adorned themselves with crystal necklaces, earrings, and rings. These jewelry pieces are said to possess powerful metaphysical properties that offer more than just a touch of sparkle. They also support healing and restore balance to your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

But not all crystal necklaces are created alike. Splurging on a high-quality necklace ensures it's made using genuine crystals, gemstones, and metals instead of cheap plastic imitations that lack the mystical powers you're looking for. To help you shop and find the perfect piece for your jewelry collection, we've rounded up 21 eye-catching designer crystal necklaces below.

Just in it for looks? We've also included pieces made using innovative Swarovski crystals. While your Swarovski crystal necklace won't offer the same healing powers as other gemstone necklaces, it'll still bring a bit of sparkle to your everyday life!

Add Style to Your Outfit & Restore Balance to Your Soul with These 21 Designer Crystal Necklaces

JENNIFER BEHR Minna Crystal Necklace

This Jennifer Behr Minna Crystal Necklace makes an excellent addition to any jewelry collection, no matter your style. The stunning crystal necklace is made in the US with stainless steel hardware and prong-set Swarovski crystals. Its minimalist design and adjustable chain length make it versatile enough to dress up or down for everyday wear. Layer it over a white tee, silk blouse, or your favorite LBD. Whatever you wear, you're sure to look chic.

Pascale Monvoisin Moon No. 1 Gold Multi-Stone Necklace

Brighten up your day with this Moon No. 1 Gold Multi-Stone Necklace from Pascale Monvoisin. The quartz amulet is fitted with colored Nano Gems and diamonds for added sparkle. It's hand-cast in France from 9-karat gold. Choose between classic clear quartz with rainbow-colored gemstones or honey quartz with pink sapphires. The dainty layering piece is perfect for everyday wear, especially due to its metaphysical healing properties.

Ranjana Khan Spiked Necklace

How stunning is this Spiked Necklace from Ranjana Khan? The boho crystal necklace features a strand of alternating pearls and teardrop-shaped crystal charms with a gold-plated magnetic closure. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, the jewelry designer infuses her bold statement pieces with her heritage's intricate details, unique textures, and careful craftsmanship.


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Elizabeth Cole Joy Necklace

This aptly-named Joy Necklace from Elizabeth Cole is sure to bring a smile to your face. The crystal choker necklace is crafted with marquise crystals and gold-plated hardware in the US. Measuring 14 inches in length with a 3-inch extender, it's designed to accommodate any neckline. Pair it with simple gold hoops to really let the crystals shine!

Jia Jia 14-Karat Gold & Crystal Quartz Pendant Necklace

Bring healing to your higher self with this 14K Gold and Crystal Quartz Pendant Necklace. Grounded by a single quartz crystal pendant, this stunning piece helps restore balance, boost energy levels, and provide mental clarity to its wearer. It's made in the USA with a delicate 14k yellow gold chain with a lobster clasp and a 2-inch extender. Wear it daily to benefit your spiritual well-being.

Verdura 18K Yellow Gold Rock Crystal Herkimer Pendant Necklace

If money is no object, you will need to explore this necklace. Ground yourself with this 18K Yellow Gold Rock Crystal Herkimer Pendant Necklace from Verdura. The polish 18-karat yellow gold chain holds a carefully carved Herkimer rock crystal pendant. These double-terminated quartz crystals, dubbed Herkimer diamonds, boast a unique diamond-like geometric pattern and can only be found in Herkimer, New York.

Margo Morrison Stone, Quartz & Crystal Necklace

Margo Morrison describes her jewelry as "visible music," hanging each stone and crystal from its chain-like music notes dotting a sheet of music. This gorgeous necklace features richly colored citrine, amethyst, and multi-color quartz on a sterling silver strand. Its unique design is perfect for jewelry lovers looking for something one-of-a-kind.

Harris Zhu 14K Gold, Quartz & Diamond Necklace

This 14K Gold, Quartz, and Diamond Necklace from Harris Zhu designers London Harri and Jia-Jia Zhu make a worthy addition to any jewelry collection. Each piece is crafted by hand using a faceted crystal quartz stone personally selected by the designers. It's bezel-set with three tiny diamonds for a touch of added sparkle too. Cast in 14-karat gold, it's a suitable choice for everyday wear.

TBalance Crystals Rose Quartz & Enamel 'Love' Necklace

How cute is this Rose Quartz and Enamel 'Love' Necklace from TBalance Crystals? The stylish necklace is hand strung with rose quartz crystals and four enamel beds that spell out love. Crafted from the stone of unconditional love, it's the perfect gift for a loved one's birthday or anniversary. The pink crystals are said to encourage feelings of peace and restore trust and harmony in relationships.

Saint Laurent Rock Crystal Necklace

For their latest jewelry collection, Saint Laurent presented an array of chic crystal necklaces like this timeless Rock Crystal Necklace. The protective quartz amulet is neatly wrapped in gold-toned metal wire and suspended from a leather strap. Worn daily, the healing stone can help manifest good fortune and bring exciting new beginnings. Not to mention, it'll add a healthy dose of style to your look.

Sydney Evan 14K Gold, Diamond & Crystal Charm Necklace

This 14K Gold, Diamond, and Crystal Charm Necklace from Sydney Evan make the perfect gift for a milestone birthday or graduation. The polished 14-karat yellow gold chain boasts a diamond bezel and rainbow moonstone pendant. A stone of new beginnings, personal growth, and inner strength, the moonstone is said to help enhance intuition, spark inspiration, and provide a sense of calm to its wearer.


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Lizzie Fortunato Goddess Collar

Get in touch with your divine feminine with this gorgeous Goddess Collar from Lizzie Fortunato. Designed in New York by twins Elizabeth & Kathryn Fortunato, it's breathtakingly bold and beautiful. The 15-inch necklace boasts chunky pieces of glass and quartz accented by gold-plated brass accents. It's guaranteed to make you feel powerful no matter what outfit you pair it with.

Walters Faith Belle Rose Gold East-West Rock Crystal Tablet Necklace

Walters Faith designer Mollie Good blends timeless and modern design details into versatile everyday pieces. This Belle East-West Rock Crystal Tablet Necklace features a faceted rock crystal, and 0.45 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds suspended from an 18-karat rose gold chain. Rock crystal is often associated with emotional clarity and new beginnings, making it a fitting birthstone for April.

Alexis Bittar Solanales Crystal Pendulum Pendant Necklace

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Alexis Bittar draws inspiration from antique jewelry. This stunning Solanales Crystal Pendulum Pendant Necklace is the perfect match for bold personalities. The long necklace features a large, crystal-encrusted pendant with your choice of champagne or blue stones. Its eye-catching design and sparkling embellishments are sure to make it your new favorite statement necklace.

Aurelie Bidermann Mycene Rock Crystal Necklace

French jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann collects inspiration from his global travels. This statement-making Mycene Rock Crystal Necklace features a large clear quartz crystal wrapped in 18-karat gold-plated brass. In the back, you'll find a quirky paper clip-shaped clasp for an added touch of style. The transparent stone coordinates perfectly with any color you're wearing.

Swarovski Constella Crystal Necklace

This sparkling Swarovski Constella Crystal Necklace channels the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. The sophisticated gold necklace is strung with a row of round brilliant-cut Swarovski crystals meant to look like stars in the sky. Each one is connected by slim gold-tone bars. Wear it solo or layer it with your go-to gold chains.

Gas Bijoux Aventura Crystal Necklace

These Aventura Crystal Necklaces from Gas Bijoux make the perfect gifts for your crystal-loving friends. The pendants are the perfect size to layer with other everyday necklaces. Each boasts one of three colorful crystals surrounded by 24-karat gold-plated brass hardware and suspended on an adjustable chain. Founded on the beaches of Saint-Tropez, every piece of Gas Bijoux jewelry is made in France.

Konstantino Pythia Long Crystal Pendant Necklace

Fitted with a powerful healing stone, the Pythia Long Crystal Pendant Necklace from Konstantino is worthy of becoming your next family heirloom. The long-chain necklace features ruby red corundum, 18k gold filigree, and an elongated quartz crystal pendant. Artisan jewelry makers handcraft it in Greece, the origin of the mythological figures that inspired the collection. Start by pairing it with a simple white t-shirt and jeans.

Oscar De La Renta Cosmic Crystal Collar Necklace

This Cosmic Crystal Collar Necklace from Oscar De La Renta will have everyone mesmerized at your next formal event. The statement-making collar boasts large multi-colored Swarovski crystals on a 14-karat gold-plated gold chain. Its unique stones look particularly stunning paired with a black power suit or a little black dress.

Monica Rich Kosann Carpe Diem Charm Necklace

Seize every moment in this Carpe Diem Charm Necklace from Monica Rich Kosann. The sterling silver and white enamel necklace boast a glimmering doublet crafted from rock crystal and mother-of-pearl. It's carved with the words carpe diem, reminding wearers to make the most of every day. As a Certified B Corp, Monica Rich Kosann crafted each piece to meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. When you're ready, pass it on to a friend or loved one who needs a bit of peace and mental clarity.

Jia Jia Arizona Rainbow Crystal Quartz Beaded Necklace

Liven up your jewelry collection with this Arizona Rainbow Crystal Quartz Beaded Necklace from Jia Jia. Its rainbow-colored beads are crafted from genuine multi-colored sapphire and a stone said to bring abundant blessings. Centering the piece is a clear crystal quartz pendant suspended from 14K yellow gold hardware. Together, these powerful crystals can help ward off negative energy and provide spiritual clarity.

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