18 Evil Eye Bracelet Selections To Ward Off All ‘Evil Glare’ 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

The evil eye is one of the most prominent mystical symbols in the shape of an eye in the colors blue or green, and it comes in different shapes and forms. It has been worn for centuries for good luck and hangs as a glass bead form over the main door entrance of a home for protection from negative energy and to keep the hearth protected. Wearing evil eye bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings can harness the power of the protective talisman in style. Just take it from the millions of superstitious people and fashionable celebrities that sport evil eye jewelry every day.

To help you shop, we have curated a list of evil eye bracelets that is worthy of checking out. The eighteen stylish evil eye bracelets below are perfect for everyday wear. Not to mention, they make an excellent gift for a loved one who needs a bit of luck. Made from the finest quality materials, they'll offer a lifetime of protection to their wearer.

Ward Off Bad Energy with These 18 Evil Eye Bracelet Styles And Add To Your Evil Eye Jewelry Collection

Mateo Eye of Protection Gold Bracelet

Ward off negative energy and bad vibes with this Eye of Protection Gold Bracelet from Mateo. The dainty gold bracelet boasts a simple evil eye symbol inlaid with blue enamel and 0.38 carats of glittering diamonds. It's the perfect weight to layer with other gold chain bracelets. Pair it with Mateo's matching evil eye necklace during tough times when you need a little added protection.

Sydney Evan Mini Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet

Sport this Mini Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet from Sydney Evan anytime you need a bit of good luck. The 14-karat white gold cable chain features a tiny evil eye charm with pave sapphire, black and white diamonds. Like all of the brand's celebrity-approved jewelry pieces, it's crafted in the US using careful craftsmanship and the finest quality materials.

Anzie Jade & Topaz Evil Eye Boheme Beaded Bracelet

This Jade and Topaz Evil Eye Boheme Beaded Bracelet from Anzie combines a powerful ancient symbol with a notoriously lucky material. It's handmade in Canada using Korean green jade beads and a rhodium-plated centerpiece with a tourmaline and topaz evil eye symbol. The colorful bracelet adds a pop of color to any unlucky day.

Jennifer Meyer Multi-Stone Mini Evil Eye Bracelet

Looking for evil eyes that are a little less literal? You'll love this Multi-Stone Mini Evil Eye Bracelet from Jennifer Meyer. The jewelry designer is known for incorporating symbols of luck and protection into her versatile everyday jewelry. Her minimalist evil eye pendant is handcrafted from lapis lazuli, turquoise, and a ring of glittering diamonds. It's the type of piece you'll pass down for many generations to come.

Alison Lou Evil Eye 14K Gold, Enamel & Diamond Bracelet

Alison Lou's Evil Eye Gold, Enamel, and Diamond Bracelet make the perfect gift for a loved one going through a tough time. The stylish bracelet wards off bad luck and offers spiritual protection to its wearer. Its dainty 14K gold chain features a tiny evil eye pendant decorated with glossy blue enamel and a single 0.04-carat diamond in the center. With clean lines and a minimalist design, it's impossible not to love.

Lorraine Schwartz Against Evil Cuff Bracelet

How stunning is this Evil Eye Cuff Bracelet from Lorraine Schwartz' Against Evil collection? It's crafted from your choice of white, yellow, or rose gold with topaz and diamond accents. Like the evil eye talismans worn for centuries, the stackable style protects its wearer from negative energy. Not to mention, it brings good luck and fortune too!

Djula Magic Touch White Gold, Diamond & Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet

This Magic Touch Evil Eye Bracelet from Djula is designed to protect its wearer from bad energy and evil spirits. Crafted from solid 18K white gold, it'll offer a lifetime of protection with proper care. The evil eye jewelry features a dainty double chain with multicolor diamonds surrounding a stunning turquoise stone. Needless to say, you'll never want to take it off.

Kismet by Milka Protect Me Rose Gold & Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

For a stylish take on evil eye jewelry, there's the Rose Gold Evil Eye Bracelet from the Kismet by Milka Protect Me Collection. The 14-karat rose gold cable chain features a tiny evil eye station with 0.1 carats of diamond pavement. But don't let its fashionable appearance fool you. The minimalist talisman still wards off bad luck and brings good karma your way. Consider it the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

David Yurman Spiritual Beads Evil Eye Bracelet

Don this David Yurman Spiritual Beads Evil Eye Bracelet during anxious times to bring good fortune. The beaded evil eye jewelry is crafted from gorgeous blue lapiz beads with a 14-karat gold evil eye symbol and plush-clasp closure. Might we suggest stacking it with beaded bracelets and chunky chains? Its vibrant blue colors pair beautifully with other colorful boho bracelets.

Meira T Evil Eye Sapphire & Diamond Charm Bracelet

Protection has never looked better than this beautiful Evil Eye Sapphire and Diamond Charm Bracelet from Meira T. The unique evil eye jewelry is crafted with a dainty 14-karat white gold chain dotted with gorgeous sapphires and diamond charms. Its evil eye-shaped disc draws inspiration from protective talismans worn by ancient cultures. The amulet makes a great gift for loved ones in need of luck.

Evil Eye Bracelet With Mother Of Pearl, Diamond & Black Diamond

Keep bad things from getting you down with this evil eye bracelet with mother of pearl, black diamonds, sapphires, and brilliant-cut white diamonds. The classic evil eye jewelry style boasts an evil eye round pendant made from mother of pearl, black diamonds, white diamonds, and blue sapphires. The simple design is perfect for layering with your other everyday jewelry.

Diane Kordas Woven Evil Eye Bracelet

Diane Kordas' Woven Evil Eye Bracelet makes the perfect matching friendship bracelets for you and your besties. It's intricately woven from multicolor and metallic cords set with diamonds and sapphires in an evil eye shape. Drawstring ties with an adjustable slider fastening provide a secure fit while making it easy to take on and off. With seven color options to choose from, there's an evil eye for everyone in the group.

Jacob & Co. Rose Gold, Diamond & Blue Enamel Evil Eye Chain Bracelet

Protect your energy and attract success with this Rose Gold, Diamond, and Blue Enamel Evil Eye Chain Bracelet from Jacob & Co. Its classic design features round brilliant-cut diamonds around a blue enamel evil eye charm. The 18K rose gold chain is fitted with a lobster clasp for an adjustable fit. It's carefully crafted in the USA from the finest materials.

Lorraine Schwartz Against Evil Diamond Bracelet

Lorraine Schwartz' Against Evil Diamond Bracelet is an instant family heirloom. The 18-karat gold chain is set with 4.3 carats of topaz and 1.6 carats of F-G and black diamonds. Its sturdy lobster clasp chain comes in your choice of white, yellow, and rose gold. Stack it with simple chain bracelets or style it solos to really make the talisman pop.

Ileana Makri Golden Dawn 18K Gold Multi-Stone Bracelet

Jewelry designer Ileana Makri has been wearing evil eye pendants her entire life and incorporating them into her jewelry designs since the late 90s. She aims to protect fashionistas, celebrities, and superstitious jewelry lovers from bad energy. This sophisticated evil eye bracelet boasts a dainty chain and a small heart-shaped pendant. It's handmade with sapphires, tsavorite stones, and your choice of white or brown diamonds.

EF Collection Diamond & Sapphire Evil Eye Chain Bracelet

Evil eyes have protected wearers for centuries, and this EF Collection Diamond and Sapphire Evil Eye Chain is no exception. The simple 14-karat gold chain features a sleek evil eye symbol made of sparkling white diamonds around a single sapphire stone. Wear it every day for a boost of good fortune wherever you go.

Lito Tu Es Partout Macrame Bracelet

These unique Tu Es Partout Macrame Bracelets from Lito make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. The bold colors, playful materials, and careful craftsmanship create the look and feel of an elusive vacation find. The oversized charm is hand-cast from 14-karat gold and intricately painted with an enamel evil eye. Strung on a colorful macrame cord with an adjustable fastening, it fits comfortably on every wrist size.

Sapphire + Diamond Cut-Out Evil Eye Bracelet

A twist on the classic evil eye bracelet with six bezel-set diamonds surrounds this beautiful sapphire eye. The stunning bracelet is made from 14k solid gold, 0.25 carats round diamonds and 0.24 carats genuine sapphires. This beautiful design bracelet is perfect for everyday wear or formal events.

Evil Eye Jewelry FAQ

What Does Evil Eye Symbol Mean

Whether you saw the evil eye at someone's home or worn on someone, the evil eye is believed to bring the good and protect from a harmful situation to a curse. It believes in bringing a person health and fortune and sending negative energy away. Many believe when someone is envious of you, the evil eye will have the power to give you an 'evil glare' and send a negative vibe your way.

Why Wear A Evil Eye Bracelet

The overall benefits of wearing an evil eye bracelet are that it will protect the person wearing it from evil spirits, forces, curses, and bad luck.

Which Hand Should You Wear Evil Eye Bracelet

You can wear the evil eye bracelet on either wrist. One believes you should wear the bracelet on your left wrist that will protect your emotional side and personal life. While wearing the bracelet on your right wrist will protect your career, money, and other aspects outside your personal life.

Evil Eyes In Celebrity And Pop Culture

Celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian have been photographed sporting eye accessories.

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