Bride To Be Essential: How To Choose Bridal Earrings 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

Dress aside, a memorable bridal look is all in the details: hair, makeup, footwear, and jewelry. On your big day, it's all about the small touches.

While the right bridal earrings can completely transform your look, the wrong pair can ruin all your close-up shots. Below, we've offered helpful tips on how to choose your bridal earrings. Whether it's floral statement earrings or an understated family heirloom in the making, we'll help you find the perfect pair.

How to Choose Bridal Earrings

Your earrings should complement your bridal look, not distract from it. Budget aside, there are a handful of things to factor in when selecting your wedding earrings.


The neckline of your wedding dress is one of the most important things to factor into your earring choice. If you have your heart set on wearing a specific pair, bring them along to your dress appointments. Because as you'll see, certain earring styles work well with different necklines.


Illusion necklines provide the perfect backdrop for a pair of tasteful statement earrings. Necklaces can damage the delicate fabric and detract from the overall effect. Shashi's Bella Earrings add an elegant touch of sparkle without feeling too in your face.

Low Back

In a low-back wedding dress, you'll be photographed more from behind. Be sure your earrings look good from every angle, particularly in over-the-shoulder shots.

Shymi's Tennis Drop Earrings bring a dose of sophistication that looks great in every photo. Pull them out again for an anniversary celebration or special occasion.

High Neck

If your dress has a high neckline, opt for smaller earrings that won't overpower your look. Select a pair of timeless studs or delicate drops that can be passed down for generations to come. These effortless Next Ayoka Pearl Detachable Stud Earrings from Yana Nesper feature detachable posts that can be worn as simple solitaire studs after your wedding day.

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Your hairstyle is another important aspect of your bridal look to factor in. The aim is to elongate your neckline and frame your face, not to overwhelm it. Be sure to bring your earrings, necklace, veil, and hair accessories along to your consultation.

Hair Down

If you're wearing your hair down, opt for elongated earring styles that lengthen your neckline and frame your face. Avoid dainty chains and chandeliers that can get tangled in your hair. Cherut Fine Jewelry's Chained Brilliant Diamond Earrings are just the right weight.


Wearing your hair in an updo inherently calls more attention to your earrings. A low, messy bun is the perfect pairing for hoops, chandelier earrings, and 3D floral drops. Sweep your hair back in a wispy updo to show off these breathtaking Lillia Pave Drop Earrings from BHLDN or glittering chandeliers that are encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

Your Wedding Dress

Similarly, you'll want to consider the fabric choice, embroidery, and embellishments on your dress. Is your dress encrusted with pearls? Trimmed with floral lace? Or perhaps it's void of embellishments entirely? Find the right balance between mismatched and matchy-matchy.

Carol Kauffman's Sunshine Mini Earrings draw inspiration from the sun's rays, brightening your face and bringing out the sparkle in your bridal gown.

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You'll also want to factor in your veil choice. Most importantly, you won't want your earrings to get caught in the delicate lace or netting. As a general rule, the more dramatic your veil, the less dramatic your earrings should be.

Short/ Birdcage

Short, birdcage veils are typically vintage-inspired, so you'll need to strike the right balance of retro and modern. Allow your veil to be the statement piece and your earrings a touch of added sparkle. These Peony Earrings by Anabel Chan boast two dazzling 12-carat diamond centerpieces that'll draw attention to your face without feeling too bulky.


With some fabric surrounding your face and neck, it's best to stick with studs, teardrops, and other understated styles. Factor in any embellishments or lace along the edges to ensure they work well together too. These dainty Diamond Crossover Threader Earrings from Moon & Meadow complement virtually any dress and veil.

Other Bridal Jewelry

Less is more when it comes to bridal jewelry. All eyes should be on you, not your distracting statement earrings, tangled necklace, or tacky bangles. When in doubt, stick to a timeless design like these vintage-inspired Melia Drop Earrings from Anzie.

Your wedding ring should stay top of mind when selecting your bridal earrings. Stay cohesive with the same metal color and overall aesthetic. For example, a traditional silver band with diamonds works well with diamond studs or silver diamond teardrops.

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Wedding Day Details

It can be helpful to put your wedding jewelry into context. Keep these wedding day details in mind while you shop.

Personal Aesthetic & Wedding Theme

Are you a boho bride? A beach bride? Your bridal earrings should feel true to your personal style and fit the overarching themes of your wedding. Think 3D floral drops for a garden wedding and understated diamond studs for a traditional church ceremony. Designed to awaken the wearer's divine feminine and symbolize the serenity of the sea, Jia Jia's Ocean Diamond Bezel Baroque Pearl Earrings make a stunning choice for a beach wedding.


If you're opting for floral earrings, consider how they'll look with your bridal flowers. Remember, they should complement each other, not compete. Crafted in white and gold, these Double Drop Flower Earrings work with flower arrangements in every color palette.

Color Palette

Brides opting for colored jewelry will need to keep their color palette in mind when shopping. A pair of heirloom emeralds, rubies, or sapphires can be the perfect finishing touch for a maximalist bride.

Might we suggest sporting Graziela Gems Diamond and Sapphire Bar Earrings, as you need something blue? The gemstone is believed to bring abundance, faithfulness, and good fortune.

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