How To Wear A Suit With T Shirt 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

Dress fashion is constantly evolving with time. What was traditional and stylish yesterday is just tacky and outdated today. Mid to late 2021 marked the change for business-casual wear. The traditional suit and tie look just don't cut it anymore in today's fashion. Not to mention wearing the conventional look feels stuffy, stiff, and uncomfortable.

Enter stage left, the suit and t-shirt combo. 

This combination has been seen on the red carpet. The suit, dress shirt, and tie combo are too formal, and jeans and a suit jacket are way too casual. The suit and t-shirt are just right. The perfect combination of formal and casual. Not to mention, the t-shirt isn't just a classic garment; it's a rebellion and nonconformity fashion style. 

The t-shirt and suit combination is one of the most brazen combos to embrace, and it requires the correct shoes, accessories, and color combos. Above all else, you'll need just the right attitude to pull it off.

A common mistake made is focusing on the t-shirt, and the t-shirt makes up only a fraction of this outfit. If you want to pull this outfit off, you'll want to pay close attention to the shoes, accessories, colors, and fit of the suit itself.

So how can you present a cool, relaxed, calm, and confident look while still being professional and business-like? 

suit t shirt

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First: Color Choice is Paramount

The color choice of the suit is integral. Choosing neutral, solid colors is your best bet. They present an inherent confidant and bold aurora that other combinations don't have. You'll want to stick with white, beige, and black for the V-neck t-shirts.

Black Suit

Think strong, confident, and authoritative. A black suit instills all of these qualities and more. Use caution when choosing black as the main color. Too much can be overwhelming. Pairing this with white, tan, or beige will help tremendously.

Navy Suit

Think cool, calm, and collected. A navy suit is a great way to express trust, confidence, and expertise in the subject at hand. A white shirt with brown shoes and accessories will work best with this suit color.

Gray Suit

Think unbiased, sophisticated, and powerful. Pairing a gray suit with a black t shirt and black shoes is a great way to stand out from the crowd. The color is subtle enough to not scream for attention while still demanding respect and authority.

t shirt and suit

Mike Marsland

Second: Fabric Choice

So you have your suit color picked out. Now you need to decide on the fabric for not only the suit but also the high quality t-shirt. 

Simply put, you're going to want cotton for the t-shirt, and it's the most comfortable and true-to-color choice to go with.


Wool fabric in suits is the most common. It's great for colder weather due to the heavy material, and it's also less likely to wrinkle and easier to tailor fit.


Linen fabric is the most ideal for summer. If you live in a hotter environment, you'll want this option. The breathability and comfort are top tiers. The only downside to linen is that it is wrinkle-prone. 


Silk fabric is great for presenting a luxurious look. While being luxurious, 100% silk is rare in today's world. Well-crafted silk suits can get very expensive, unfortunately. Going with this option should only be done if money and patience are not a priority. 


Cotton fabric is the most cost-effective of the group. It's less common than wool suits but cheaper and easier to tailor fit than silk and linen. The downside is the care. You'll have to take it to a dry cleaner. Machine washing this suit at home will almost always lead to damage and shrinkage.

t shirt suit

Third: Shoes

Perhaps the most overlooked option of the V-neck and suit combo is the shoes. When it comes to a business casual look, you have more leeway with shoewear. The three best choices to choose from are loafers, sneakers, and oxfords.


Loafers are great when you match them to your pant color. They offer the perfect middle ground between casual and professional. Pairing brown loafers with a navy blue suit is a great choice. Black loafers with a black or gray suit also pair exceptionally well.


You can never go wrong with a crisp pair of oxfords. Oxfords excel with light-colored suits, be wary of pairing black on black with them. Light navy blue paired with light brown oxfords is a perfect combination. Furthermore, a light gray suit and black oxfords will pair wonderfully.


Remember, this is business-casual. Sneakers bring another level of rebellious and adventurousness with this suit and v neck look. Adidas tennis shoes will pair wonderfully with a black suit and white V-neck. It's the perfect combination of professionalism and adventurousness that modern companies are seeking. To add a little swag to your look, check out immaculate white kicks.

t shirt suit

Fourth: Fitting

The suit and V-neck t-shirt should fit comfortably to your body. Too baggy, and you'll look like a slob. Too tight, and you'll look uncomfortable and snobby. A good suit should be tailor-fitted and be sure to pick a high-quality t-shirt. 

The seam of the blazer should reach the edge of your shoulder, right where it reaches down to your arm. 

The shoulder section should be smooth and wrinkle-free. The pants should be snug but not too tight around your thigh. Your calf section should only reach the top of your shoes. If it bunches up around the base of your ankle, they are too long.

tshirt w suit

Fifth: Suit Jacket & V-neck combos

This guide wouldn't be complete without putting everything mentioned above together.

Power Suit

This combination evokes respect, authority, and power. 

  • Black blazer and black pants.
  • White V-neck, tucked in.
  • White Adidas tennis shoes.
  • A black leather belt or no belt.


This combination evokes sophistication and mysteriousness.

  • Light gray blazer and gray Pants.
  • Black V-neck, tucked in.
  • Black Loafers.
  • No belt.

Trustful, but dangerous

This combination presents a trustful yet knowledgeable appearance.

  • Navy blue blazer and pants.
  • White V-neck, tucked in.
  • Brown oxfords.
  • Brown belt.

Soft Boy Look

Soft boy look is the new trend in the fashion world!

  • Lose fitting blazer and pants in fun colors like pastel
  • White V-neck tucked in
  • Oxfords
  • No Belt
soft boy suit and t shirt

Closing Remarks

The suit and V-neck combination is a sure way to stand out from the crowd. Substituting white accents for light tan/ beige is another great way to create a memorable appearance. Above all else, remember that your attitude completes the outfit. 

Always appear calm, confident, and collected. Do this, and you'll be sure to pull off any combination of suit and V-neck you choose to go with!

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