10 Black Turtleneck Outfit Ideas (For Women) 

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

For decades, a black turtleneck top has been a winter classic and a timeless staple for women. And it will continue to be in style for a long time.

Black turtleneck, in particular, is a versatile piece in anyone's wardrobe. The muted yet elegant style goes well with pretty much anything and can be worn for almost all occasions. From everyday wear to dressy outfits, black turtlenecks are perfect for looking classic and chic while staying warm.

In this guide, let's explore 12 fresh ways to style your black turtleneck this season that will make your basic turtleneck look chic.

12 Black Turtleneck Outfit Ideas For Women

1. Pair your black turtleneck with a skirt

Pair Your Black Turtleneck With A Skirt_

A great way to dress up your black turtleneck top is to pair it with a skirt and tight. This look is perfect for autumn or warm winter days.

For a perfect fall outfit, style your black turtleneck top with a fall color skirt or midi skirt and a fall color purse that incorporates black in the pattern.

For a perfect winter outfit and extra warmth, style it with your turtleneck top with a knee-high skirt, pleated skirt, or knit skirt, tights with thigh-high boots.

2. With A Dash Of Preppy Look

With A Dash Of Preppy Look

Feeling a little preppy? Pair your black turtleneck with a pinafore, high knee socks, and heels, and a beret. 

3. Pair It With Denim Jumpsuit

Pair With Denim Jumpsuit

If you are tired of the good old jean look, then check out this idea. Pair your black turtleneck top with a denim jumpsuit or vintage denim overalls for a casual look while looking stylish.

Perfect for everyday wear from lounging, doing errands, or bunch dates.

4. Sparkle your outfit with Jewelry

Sparkle your outfit with Jewelry

While there is nothing wrong with going for an all-black outfit, it always feels like you need something more. There is no better way to sparkle your all-black outfit than accessories!

Plain gold and silver earring and necklace are classic. For an elegant look, go with a pearl necklace and earrings. If you feel like glamming up the outfit, go with a diamond necklace and earrings for a sparkle. And if you are going with a black purpose, pick one that either has a pop of color or texture contrast. Otherwise, pick a purse that has a lighter or brighter color to give your outfit pop.

5. Use as layering

Use As Layering

Layer your turtleneck with a dressy shirt underneath is the perfect office look. If you pair it with a dressy white shirt, it sure will give your black turtleneck a pop.

6. Pair It With Leather

Pair It With Leather

Throw on a leather jacket or moto jacket, and you are ready to go. Layering a black turtleneck sweater under a leather jacket is an easy way to elevate your top with a touch of cool and edgy vibe that gives you a little rock 'n' roll look.

7. Accessorize With Bandana Or Scarf

Accessorize With Bandana Or Scarf

Another way to dress up your black turtleneck sweater is to pair it with a bandana or scarf. Not only will it add a touch of color to your outfit, but it also will be glam without needing to wear any necklace.

8. Pair With Animal Prints

Pair With Animal Prints

Make a statement outfit with black turtlenecks by pairing it with animal prints! Animal prints are bold, unique, and eye-catching, and it pairs perfectly with a solid black color sweater. You can make your outfit pop by pairing it with animal prints from leopard print to zebra print!

You can layer your sweater with an animal print jacket, animal print bottoms, or even animal print shoes!

9. High Waisted Jeans

High Waisted Jeans

We all know that black never fails to make you look slim and elegant. And if you have an apple-shaped body, you gotta opt-in black turtleneck sweater with high waisted jeans. The combination of blacktop and high-waisted bottom will make you look super slim.

10. Black And Brown Combo

Black And Brown Combo

While you may be super attempting to pair your black sweater top with black colored bottom, give lighter brown a try. The lighter the brown is, the more it contrasts with your top.

11. Pair it with wide-leg trouser bottom

Pair It With Wide-Leg Trouser Bottom

Pair your black turtleneck sweater with a wide-leg trouser bottom for a comfy and casual look—either a solid black color or one that has black in it.

12. Go Bold On The Handbag

Go Bold On The Handbag

Dress all in black is a classic move, but it always feels like your outfit is missing something. Give your outfit pop by going bold on your handbag. It can be bright, shiny, or even a nice textured bag. Having a big contrast will sure make your outfit pop.

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