10 Best Black Lipstick Shades For A Bold Look  

By  Emily Konatella

LAST UPDATED - December 11, 2023

We all know that, over the years, makeup has become more of an art form than anything. Content creators, makeup artists, just lovers of beauty products, and celebrity makeup artists have been using makeup to express their emotions, mood, and creativity. Since making a statement with makeup is now easier than ever, edgy black makeup is having its moment. 

Today black lip color isn't just for emo or gothic look, and it shouldn't only just be worn for Halloween. It is a lip color that is edgy, dramatic, bold, and can be incredibly chic. Below, we have put together our favorite black lipstick shades. And lucky for you, black lipstick happens to look great across all skin tones.



How To Apply Black Lipstick

Dark lipstick takes a little bit more prep work than your typical lipstick color. Here is how to apply black lipstick:

Step One: Exfoliate And Moisturize

Black lipsticks can look streaky and flaky more than other colors. To prevent this, prep your lips by removing any skin flakes and moisturize your lip with lip balm. This is crucial, especially if you have chapped, cracked, or dry lips.

Step Two: Use Prime

The primer will help fill in any lines, wrinkles, or uneven places on your lip. It will give your lips a smoother appearance and allow black lipstick lip stain to last longer.

Step Three: Line Your Lips (optional)

Applying lip liner can give you the exact shape you want, and it also looks defined and intentional. When you don't use lip liner, you are running the risk of black lipstick running outside of your lip which will make you look messy.

A celebrity makeup artist tip: apply a black or clear lip liner to keep the color from traveling and to enhance the shape of your lips

Step Four: Apply Your Black Lipstick

The best way to apply your black lipstick is with a lip brush. The brush will help spread the lip color on your lip and gets all the tiny creases that you can miss by applying directly.

Regardless of how you will apply, you most likely will need more than just one swipe. Apply a second layer by applying lipstick directly on your lips.

Step Four: Top It Off

Unless you want a matte finish, you can finish the look by applying a layer of gloss.

10 Best And Chicest Black Lipsticks 

Check out this list of black lipsticks that won't break the bank and do not compromise quality. All of the options listed below check off most of the boxes when looking for a perfect statement lip product! And welcome to the dark side.

NYX Suede Matte Lipstick Lightweight Vegan Lipstick

The NYX Suede Matte Lipstick is labeled as non-drying and velvety, giving you the perfect matte look. It is soft and lightweight with full coverage of bold pigment, and it comes in multiple shades. Pair it with the Suede Matte Lip Pencil for an upgraded look! Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!

Fenty Icon The Case Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick – Matte Black

This Fenty Lip product is perfect for the avid lipstick wearer because it is refillable! This allows you to attach a new shade or fill whenever you want to switch up the color or simply if you run out while saving some money! To top it all off, this matte black shade has been described as creamy, comfortable, and best-of-the-best.

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Lipstick –Edgy Black

This product is ultra-pigmented and has a satin finish to create a smooth yet bold look. This is important when choosing black lipstick because of how eye-catching the color can be. The product is said to have an "all-day color" and lasts up to 24 hours with hydrating qualities to smooth your lips.

Always On Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick – Tar Pit Rich Black

This Always On Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick is an amazing product infused with a primer oil complex, a blend of jojoba and apricot, and sunflower oils to keep your lips feeling comfortably soft all day long. It is waterproof, but it also has a long wear formula that keeps its color on for up to 8 hours of the day!

Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon – Deepest Black

This lip product by Marc Jacobs is a creamy 16-hour-long-wear lip crayon that creates a bold, long-lasting appearance when applied to your lips. It has all the great qualities of lipstick in crayon form for a fun, easy-applied color.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick – Night Bird Matte Black

Sephora highlights this product as long-wearing, full coverage, with a matte finish liquid formula. This best-selling liquid lipstick is creamy, weightless, and coats your lips! It is a liquid lip stain that is transfer-proof, full-coverage, and lasts all day.

Smith & Cult Hydragloss – Iridescent Black

If you want to take your bold look to the next level, you will love this iridescent elastic gel formula color that delivers an intense shine. Formulated to nourish, this gloss has raw squalene butter that melts at your skin's temperature. It also contains rose water to keep your lips hydrated all day long, and to top it all off, and it has a wonderful vanilla mint scent. 

Melt Cosmetics ultra matte lipstick- Pitch Black

If you seek a vegan-friendly black lipstick without parabens, you must check out Melt Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lipstick. This creamy true-matte formula glides across your lips with ease and is formulated with intense pigmentation for full-coverage color in a wide range of neutral-to-bold hues.


Out of 10

M.A.C Lipmix

Lipmix is an opaque cream used to mix and customize color for the lips, with pure black being an option. The cream lip stain contains soothing emollients to help condition the lips and has a light and creamy texture with vanillin for flavor and aroma. The deeply pigmented Lipmix can also be used as a pigment addition to any emollient cosmetic product to create new effects. It can be used anywhere on the skin except near the eyes.


Out of 10

M.A.C Paintstick

Highly pigmented, this M.A.C. Paintstick is an emollient color stick. Imparts no grease or shine. Perfect to apply to skin directly or with a brush, it will provide you with a slight satin finish.

How To Find The Best Black Lipsticks


While choosing lipstick may seem simple, there are more qualities that you should take into consideration than you might think – especially if you are planning to spend a decent amount of money on your new black lipstick. The goal is to find a long-lasting product worth the price and does not need to be reapplied every few minutes. 


Let's start with the basics. When wearing lipstick, it should apply smoothly and evenly to your lips. Those with more moisture tend to apply more evenly than those that have dried out. The ideal lipstick has a creamy texture but doesn't have much movement when applied to the lips. It should feel smooth and lay nicely without drying into the cracks of your mouth or lips. 

If you decide to choose a gloss, look for one that is not too sticky. You do not want to feel like you are ungluing your lips apart each time you open and close them. A lightweight, smooth formula will allow the gloss to glide with ease during the application and when rubbing your lips together.


With any lipstick, but especially black, the pigmentation of the product is extremely important. This lip look is a statement in itself, so if you are going to go for the drama, let's make sure you pull it off with the right shade. When looking for color, you want to make sure it is not opaque and can cover the natural color of your lips. Darker pigmentation will allow for a cleaner, bolder look.  

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Finding the perfect lip product can be challenging, but you really cannot go wrong with these suggestions. All of the products listed above are created to be long-lasting with hydrating formulas that will complement the texture of your lips and not be drying or damaging to your natural skin. So check out the links above, grab your favorite or two and make a statement with confidence! 

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